Morganite-the stone of Divine Love.

Morganite is a pink form of Beryl, present in varying shades. Also called Caesian Beryl, Pink Beryl or Pink Emerald, it’s soft colour is caused by the presence of Manganese.

The stone of Divine Love, Morganite not only encourages loving thoughts and actions but also connects us to others in universal love and compassion.

Morganite’s gentle energy provides assurance, giving the gift of self-esteem and confidence in one’s self and one’s ability to tackle life’s difficulties.

Morganite is a wonderful stone to improve energy flow through the Heart Chakra. When the Heart Chakra is open, we are able to love ourselves, share love with others and experience Divine Love and compassion.

This stone is said to have the ability to heal old emotional wounds, overcome anger, fear and other negative emotions and then allow us to move on with inner strength and peace. This makes it a good stone for letting go of past relationships and going forward with an open, accepting heart. It also gives us an understanding that our past suffering can help us to grow.

In the sense of romantic love and relationships, Morganite can help attract love and nurture current relationships, encouraging us to be more considerate towards others whilst also opening one’s heart to accept love from others.

This beautiful, serene stone is considered to be highly stress relieving and helps when dealing with anxiety. It has a very calming effect, encouraging a weightless joy and appreciation of life’s gifts and of others around us.

The peaceful energy Morganite issues can aid us during times of grief or simply provide calm to counteract the fast pace of modern life.

Morganite is also said to aid creativity and enhance psychic abilities, and is used commonly as a talisman by lawyers, business owners and others seeking fairness.

Physically, it is thought to help with heart and lung related problems, thyroid issues and vertigo.

According to Feng Shui, Morganite is Yang in nature, having a fire energy. It is a stone of action, enthusiasm, illumination and passion.

To feel the benefits of this stone, wear it as jewellery or keep a Morganite crystal in your bag or pocket to receive it’s healing and nurturing energy over prolonged periods.

Alternatively, Morganite is the perfect stone to use in combination with a loving-kindness meditation, boosting your ability to cultivate a kindness towards all beings without exclusion, promoting positivity and happiness within one’s own mind.

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