Apophyllite-spiritual connection in a stone!

Apophyllite crystals have a unique energy and are a fantastic support when meditating or attempting to deepen spiritual awareness.

The word Apophyllite is derived from the Greek words ‘apo’ meaning off and ‘phyllon’ meaning leaf, suggestive of the stone’s tendency to flake as water within it evaporates away on heating.

This delicate crystal can be colourless, white, yellow, green, pink, brown or violet and can be opaque or transparent.

It is formed in the cavities which occur due to bubbles of gas in molten lava.

This is a beautiful stone, promoting love, peace, enthusiasm and a general sense of calm and well being. It has a deeply relaxing energy and is a true stress reliever. Paired with it’s ability to help with focus and restructure, whilst building confidence, this makes it a very effective aid when trying to overcome burnout.

Physically, Apophyllite is thought to have a positive effect on the respiratory system, allergies and skin health.

It is said to attract both fortune and wealth and is a great crystal for those rowing their own business or starting a new project.

Apophyllite has a very high water content, making it an effective conductor of energy and vibrations. As such, it is very useful during meditation, helping with concentration, connection to energies, release of negative energy and removal of mental blockages.

Apophyllite is considered one of the foremost stones for Reiki healing as it channels positive energy and encourages the recipient to take control of their healing.

Promoting energy flow through the Heart Chakra, it can help in matters of love, whether allowing oneself to be open to love or to feel gratitude, love, forgiveness and acceptance towards others.

Apophyllite is said to be a stone of introspection, helping in the discovery of one’s true self and expressing this to the world with confidence. It also encourages access to deep issues and negative blockages, in order to resolve and grow from them.

Apophyllite is linked to intuition and spirituality, maintaining a connection between one’s spiritual and physical sides, heightening senses, visions and receptivity to instinct.

Often Apophyllite contains Stilbite inclusions, which is said to promote clear thinking and again strengthen intuition.

This connection between spirit and mind allows for an exploration of the spiritual and energetic world whilst remaining grounded and maintaining a clear idea of self.

A truly mesmerising stone to look at with equally mesmerising energy and qualities, Apophyllite will transform your home into a beautifully positive, peaceful and productive place to be!

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