Happy Summer Solstice!

From the Latin words ‘sol’ meaning sun and ‘sistere’ meaning to stand still, the Summer Solstice is the day during which we can enjoy the longest hours of daylight and the official start of summertime!

Also known as Midsummer, Litha or the Estival Solstice, this day is celebrated by many traditions and cultures around the world.

Connecting to the cycles of nature and of the year allows us to have a greater appreciation of nature and an understanding of the cyclical nature of life itself.

At this time of year we feel a sense of security and appreciation of the gifts we are currently enjoying, and we can continue to nurture the things that are important to us in order to enjoy them later, echoing the agricultural connection of this celebration.

This year, we didn’t manage to celebrate on the day. However, I managed to meditate on the possibilities for positive transformation as we enter this season of abundance, as this is particularly relevant to me.

On a much more fun note-we plan to celebrate as a family this weekend with some camping, a bonfire, planting out our veg and of course plenty of cake and flowers!

However you celebrated/will celebrate this positive and exciting time of year, I wish you a very happy summer solstice and a productive summer ahead!

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