Black Tourmaline -uses and properties

Black Tourmaline has been popular since ancient times and was historically considered a powerful stone of protection.

Part of the Aluminium Borosilicate group, tourmalines vary in colour depending on which metals are involved.

Black Tourmaline, which is also known as Schorl, is the most commonly found of these tourmalines. Often, Black Tourmaline is in fact extremely deep blue in colour but mistaken for black.

In it’s raw form, it has vertical striations giving it it’s striking and intriguing appearance.

One of this stone’s incredible properties is it’s ability to become electrically charged on rubbing or heating, withstanding high charges without incurring damage.

For these reasons it is said to provide effective protection from environmental pollutants such as electromagnetic radiation, making it a fantastic stone to keep in the office, around the home or in places with a high volume of electronic devices.

Black Tourmaline deflects and purifies negative energies, hence it’s protective reputation.

However, Black Tourmaline not only deflects negative energy but also transmutes it, converting it to positive energy and improving the surrounding vibrations.

This stone is considered a strong healing stone, providing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

Mentally, Black Tourmaline is empowering, improving self-confidence. It improves concentration and focus, providing deep insight. It is a wonderful stone for stress relief and can turn internal negativity into positivity in attitude. It is considered one of the top stones for relieving anxiety.

Emotionally, it is a supportive stone, calming the user and allaying fears.

It is said to protect from the toxic negative energies of others and prevent the user from taking that energy upon themselves.

Physically, Black Tourmaline is very balancing and improves general health, more specifically, it has associated with detoxification, pain relief, the immune system and issues related to chronic stress.

Concerning spirituality, Black Tourmaline is linked to higher levels of awareness and insight.

Traditionally a shamanic stone, it is used for sorting and for providing direction.

With links to the Root Chakra, Black Tourmaline facilitates grounding and connection to the Earth. This grounding makes Black Tourmaline a good stone for working on obsessive behaviours and over-enthusiasm.

It also clears blockages in the aura.

This fantastic stone is commonly used in meditation due to it’s grounding, purifying and psychically protective properties.

With this stone in your life you’ll find yourself exuding positivity and happiness, creating your own luck in all sorts of situations!

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