July 27th 2018-Blood Moon Eclipse

The longest total eclipse of this century happens tomorrow, July 27th 2018. Accompanied by a full blood moon in the sign of Aquarius, it’s a moment you won’t want to miss.

Full blood moon

The moon will rise, blood red at 7.50 pm in the UK ushering in exciting times of change.

Lasting for approximately 1 hour and 43 minutes, this lunar eclipse is only 4 minutes less than the longest possible eclipse time.

A total lunar eclipse comes about when the Sun, Moon and Earth are in such alignment that the Earth’s shadow completely blocks sunlight from hitting the moon.

This event occurring so shortly after Mercury turns retrograde has a significant impact.

Mercury is a masculine planet and joining several other masculine planets in retrograde signifies the need to rebalance masculinity with female nature.

Tomorrow’s blood moon eclipse encourages us to look within ourselves. Who are we? What is our higher purpose in this life?

It’s important at such times to attempt to clear all negativity, to detox and release things within ourselves which might be holding us back, letting go of the past to allow ourselves to move on purposefully.

As we connect to this moon’s powerful energy, not only will it guide us to an understanding of our higher purpose, but it will also encourage connection with all other living things and to the wider universe, reminding us that we are one with them.

At this difficult time on Earth, who can we become and how can we make an impact for a better future? How can we achieve balance of the masculine and feminine energies within and around us? What changes do we need to make to live our soul’s truth?

As ever, when challenging your inner-self and releasing the unnecessary and toxic, emotions can run high. Just remember to keep calm, keep breathing, channel this high energy into good things and remember that you are made to be you!

A useful stone to aid you in searching within yourself and releasing the old at this time would be Obsidian.

Wear it as jewellery or meditate with it. This stone is not for the faint-hearted but it certainly does the job!

I hope you enjoy what should be a very beautiful evening and look forward to seeing the new you emerge on the other side!

We’d love to hear how you enjoyed this lunar event, did you feel its effects? What direction do you feel pulled towards?

Update: It certainly feels like a time of change-although we couldn’t see the eclipse here through last night’s clouds, the thunder storm after months of unbreaking sun, and today’s gales feel like they’re clearing the old to make way for the new! Exciting times!

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