Clare Schild’s Mandala Workshop

Mandala painting

Yesterday I treated myself to a Mandala Workshop run by artist and teacher Clare Schild.

Clare is one of the most peaceful people I’ve met. Her artwork has developed and changed over the past few years alongside her spiritual journey and this reflection is beautiful and fascinating to follow.

Her acrylic paintings vary from mesmerising cosmic scenes to beautifully precise sacred geometry.

More recently Clare has started co-running a series of sacred geometry workshops covering the seed of life and metatrons cube amongst other sacred shapes. She also rubs her other art workshops and has discovered a passion and gift for teaching others and enabling them to unlock their own creativity.

The workshop began with a short meditation. In the relaxed setting of a log cabin, surrounded by Clare’s inspiring artwork, some peaceful background music and aromatherapy oils, it wasn’t hard to become fully immersed in her guided meditation.

Clare guided us through a cosmic meditation in which we grounded ourselves and then connected to our higher-selves in order to manifest what we most need at the present.

This meditation set us up for our afternoon of painting and creating.

We began our mandalas by writing what we wanted to manifest into our canvas.

Clare then encouraged us through each step from different background techniques and technical drawing to allowing the mandalas to flow freely into our canvases.

It was fascinating to see how different each of our finished mandalas looked and there were a few people surprised by the results being very different to their normal styles (myself included!).

Much analysis followed, wondering what our subconscious was trying to tell us!

During our meditation I had identified a wish for more direction and focus in life and this, I think, was reflected in my painting without my realising. My painting almost resembles a compass and is much more ‘pointy’ than my usual style. It also has some very plump, abundant looking petals blooming from these compass points…

My background had started off very messy (not unlike my brain at the moment!) in angry greens and pinks. It ended up developing into a strong, confident, calm background in purples and blue.

Overall, the afternoon was not only a great way to open ourselves up to let creativity flow, but also a very therapeutic and relaxing session shared with some wonderful, interesting people.

I loved every minute of it and we each came away with our own manifestation mandalas with which to meditate or simply enjoy as art.

Thank you Clare!

If you’d like to see some of Clare’s work or find out about her upcoming workshops just follow the links below to her Instagram page or her Etsy shop.

Sarced_heartwork Instagram

Clare Schild Etsy

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