Introduction to Sri Yantra

Yantras are visual symbols of spiritual concepts and are the Yogi equivalent to Buddhist mandalas.

Sri Yantra (or Sri Chakra) consists of 9 interlocking triangles with a central point (bindu). These are encircled by 2 bands of lotus petals, then framed by an earth square which resembles a temple with 4 doors.

The downwards triangles represent Shakti (feminine) whilst the upwards triangles represent Shiva (masculine).

The triangles themselves form 43 smaller triangles which each represent a deity associated with specific aspects of life.

Sri Yantra is known as the ‘mother of yantras’ as all the other yantras are said to derive from it.

It represents the entirety of existence from a cosmic level to the human level.

In 3D form, Sri Yantra is a representation of Mount Meru or the centre of the universe.

Sri Yantra acts as a map of the human journey from material existence to spiritual enlightenment at the bindu (centre point).

Used in meditation, Sri Yantra can aid in connection with the essence of creation, divine forces, the cosmos and the ultimate realisation of enlightenment.


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