Simple Body Scan Meditation

This simple body scan meditation is great for connecting to your body, relaxing, learning to focus the mind and easing physical tensions.

It usually takes around 30 minutes but you could lengthen it for a more intensive body scan.

  1. First choose a comfortable position. I prefer to do this meditation whilst lying down as it helps me to focus on each part of the body when I’m lying flat. (Warning-7 times out of 10 I’ll actually fall asleep before I reach my neck. Not a problem if you want a really deep nights sleep-possibly a problem if you’re supposed to be going out!
  2. Cover yourself with a blanket if you’re likely to get cold.
  3. Closing your eyes, notice how you feel. How does your body feel? Are there any tense areas?
  4. Take a few slow, deep breaths in and out. Focus on your breath and find yourself becoming more relaxed and rooted in your body.
  5. Bring your awareness to your toes. Become aware of any sensations in them.
  6. Now imagine your breath going down into your toes. Remain in this moment for a while.
  7. Now shift your focus up your body each part at a time, repeating the previous two steps in each area.
  8. When you have reached the very top of your head, try to revisit how you’re feeling. What sensations are you aware of now, if any? Are there any areas that still feel tense? (If so, I like to focus my breath once again into those areas to help then ease up a bit).
  9. Take a few breaths to bring yourself back to your surroundings and slowly allow yourself to get up.

If at any point you feel your mind wandering, gently allow your attention to return to the meditation.

If you use the body scan meditation frequently it will become easier to maintain focus and you should find yourself feeling more present in your body.

If you prefer to follow guided meditations, there are some really nice body scan meditations on YouTube.

Note-I am not a certified meditation teacher. The meditations that I share on this site are simply from my own personal practice. Meditation should not be used as a replacement for medical care or therapies.


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