World Yoga Festival 2019

I’m very, very excited to announce that I’ll be taking Tingsha to the World Yoga Festival this year.

It’s going to be held in the grounds of Child Beale Trust, near Reading, UK from the 18-21 July and sounds like an incredible four days full of all things yoga and meditation!

Please do follow the link to their website to find out more

If you’re planning to be there come and say hi!

Here’s my little blurb for the festival in case you’d like to know what I’ll be selling there:

‘Inspired by nature, Tingsha sells handmade meditation and yoga goods.
All of our items are made using natural materials and are Reiki charged.
At this year’s World Yoga Festival, Tingsha will be selling items to include:
-handmade traditional-style buckwheat zafu cushions 
-lavender eye pillows 
-hand-knotted gemstone and wooden malas
-a selection of beautiful gemstone jewellery
-artwork inspired by Buddhist and Hindu philosophy, yoga and meditation

Please stop by to say hello, take a look at our products and to add a bead to our ‘WYF community mala’ which we’ll be giving away at the end of the weekend.

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