Ink Meditation

Art ink meditation

I’ve been away from the blog for a while as family life has been a bit all-consuming! So, I thought I’d return with enthusiasm and positivity!

As such, let me share with you my first meditation of 2020 – an ink meditation.

Art is a fantastic way to expand your meditation practice and step outside of the comforts of mainstream meditation.

Often we won’t make time for art – it takes too much commitment, preparation, makes too much mess or challenges our self-confidence and the common need to pursue perfection.

My argument would be that these factors are exactly what makes art a transformative meditation.

In this art meditation, we will be using inks (or watercolours) and water to create a feeling of freedom, release and expression as well as relaxation.

Free yourself from any self-judgement, create an environment of peace and I guarantee you will benefit from this kind of meditation.

You will need:

Inks (or watercolour paints) in at least 3 colours


1 medium paintbrush

1 large paintbrush

Sketching or watercolour paper

1) Create a calm environment. Perhaps play some meditative music and consider using lighting and an oil diffuser or incense to set a relaxing tone. Try to work in a clutter free space.

2) Begin by spending a moment breathing. Concentrate on the breath and visualise it moving up and down your body with each breath in and out.

3) When you’re feeling connected to your breath and your mind feels more free, fluid and separate from distraction, take your large paintbrush and soak your paper. Do this in long, slow, dragging movements in time with your breath.

4) Take your other paintbrush and dip it in one colour. Maintaining your relaxed breathing, touch your paintbrush to the wet paper.

Watch how the colour spreads and moves on its own. Try not to indulge the need to control the movement of the ink. Move your paintbrush freely without engaging your mind in choice or judgement.

5) Continuing to focus on your breathing whilst you watch the ink bleed and move independently will help you to observe with as open a mind as possible.

6) Dip your brush with the next colour and continue the process.

7) Notice how you are feeling. Sit back and take in the page as a whole.

If you try this meditation I’d love to hear how it goes. Leave a comment or even a photo!

Perhaps you found it peaceful and freeing? Or maybe it was hard to relinquish control? I found it to be a positive experience and feel that if I continue to do similar meditations it might help me to be less self-critical. I also found it to be a good reminder that there is beauty in spontaneity!

Ink art meditation Art ink meditationArt ink meditation


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