Through making art we can interpret the world around us and express ourselves.

Through enjoying art, we can draw spiritual and emotional inspiration and cultivate gratitude and appreciation for the universe and its fascinating inhabitants.

Here we look at different pieces of art and how it inspires us, we hear from some incredible artists for whom nature is their ‘muse’ and we can share some different art ideas and try to embrace creativity!

As a work of personal expression, there is no such thing as ‘good art’ and ‘bad art’.  To be able to share our expressions freely as a community of nature and art lovers would be fantastic.  Please email me with photos of your art and any comments if you would like to share them with the tingsha community.  Any ideas for art which allows us to embrace nature would be welcome in the comments section.

Here’s some of my own most recent artwork, some of which will be available on the tingsha Etsy page.

img_3634                              img_3296

img_2632                          img_1916
img_1313                            img_3640


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