The dream…

‘My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature’. -Claude Monet The sound of crickets next to our heads, red kites circling above, lazy cuddles and adventure planning with one of my brood and of course the cat cleaning his bum… Separated from nature only by canvas, simple living […]

Green cleaning

Cleaning-it’s something we all have to do and most of us don’t enjoy it. Why not let nature help make this job a bit more bearable? Not only are natural cleaning products safer for our health, better for the environment, effective and less costly, they can also lift your mood, wake you up or create […]

Growing veg

How could you not feel gratitude and awe for nature whilst digging into homegrown fruit or vegetables?  I love that feeling whilst scrubbing dirt off potatoes from my own garden, knowing that between us, nature and I have created nourishing food.  (Even if it is only a very small handful after a year of the […]