Olive Jade

Associated with the Heart Chakra, Jade has a soothing and stabilising energy, bringing insight and confidence in one’s self. It is a very spiritual stone with powers of protection and healing. Jade is said to bring much luck to the wearer and promotes creativity and wisdom. Olive Jade promotes growth, development and maturity and aids […]

Purple Kunzite

  This beautiful, mood lifting stone aids emotional balance and allows one to open their heart to receive love. Kunzite has a stress relieving quality and is highly comforting. This makes it the ideal stone for those who are anxious, have emotional wounds and for nervous new parents. It is connected to both the Heart […]


A traditional gift between lovers in India, this mysterious stone has a strong link to the moon. It is said to protect travellers at night, promotes wisdom, emotional and spiritual growth and connects the wearer to the rhythms of nature. A powerful stone for women, aiding in fertility and connection to her deep female nature. […]

Lapis Lazuli

Said to be a reflection of the starry night sky, Lapis Lazuli is a stone of truth and wisdom. It enhances memory and mental clarity and ensures calm communication and social ease. Connected with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, this is a fantastic stone for spiritual growth. It banishes negativity and relieves stress. It […]


Said to be the luckiest of gemstones, this is a stone of great optimism and motivation, promoting change and growth, whether spiritual, emotional or physical. Aventurine has a beautiful connection to the Earth and encourages a calm confidence. Providing emotional balance, it is connected to the Heart Chakra. Tingsha Etsy

Apophyllite-spiritual connection in a stone!

Apophyllite crystals have a unique energy and are a fantastic support when meditating or attempting to deepen spiritual awareness. The word Apophyllite is derived from the Greek words ‘apo’ meaning off and ‘phyllon’ meaning leaf, suggestive of the stone’s tendency to flake as water within it evaporates away on heating. This delicate crystal can be […]