Meditation has been found to have positive effects on memory, health and happiness amongst many other factors.

Contrary to the common conception that meditation is a process whereby one tries to eliminate all thoughts from his or her mind for a length of time, there are endless different ways to meditate, ranging from sitting and taming ‘mind-monkeys’, to chanting, to art.

With such incredible life-enhancing effects and so many enjoyable ways to achieve it, we’d be mad not to try and incorporate it in our lives.  Here we look at different types of meditation and it’s uses.

What are your favourite ways to meditate? How does it help you? Please share below in the comments section.




  1. Thanks for stopping by my Nature Blog and following overnight.

    I’ve been an avid fan of walking meditation for the last 7-8 years since I had to take early retirement. It’s been a great way to walk slowly and reduce my chronic pain and other symptoms and learn to relax. A book….A Guide to Walking Meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh which I bought in 2007 inspired my practice.

    After that, some of Thay’s (meaning ‘teacher’) other books on living Mindfully have been an enormous inspiration to living in the present moment and being thankful for what is, not what was (a horrific saga of some 38 years of chronic pain……and in the last 20+ years, chronic ill health).

    Nowadays, my pain means being unable to take my regular walks doing nature photography, but I continue to share my enormous archive of nature images or those taken from my desk chair in front of my lounge window. Hopefully, when I resolve my current hip problems, I’ll be able to get back to sharing my walks and the birds and flowers that are in the many parks and nature reserves which surround my current apartment.

    Living in Nature is the perfect antidote to today’s stressful modern life/technology and a chance to appreciate what a wonderful world we live in. Passing that on to today’s youth is, hopefully, a means to ensuring this planet and the interaction between man and nature is ongoing.


    1. Hi!
      I loved your nature blog-like you I find nature very therapeutic.
      I’m also a fan of Thich Nhat Hanh-I especially like ‘the miracle of mindfulness’. I findydelf coming back to it again and again!
      I’m sorry to hear of your pain, hopefully it will be resolved soon and you can get back outdoors. Until then-I hope you can manage to bring nature into your everyday life in other ways.

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