Sloe Gin

The weather has turned and Autumn is in full swing with its beautiful colours and frosty mornings. Animals and plants are brimming with exciting activity in preparation for the colder months ahead. A bit like the squirrels, this time of year always fills me with the burning need to hoard… and foraging is very much […]


Having completely over-worked myself for the last week (must remember to acquire some self-control), today has been about reading and relaxing. I’ve been enjoying a pot of chamomile tea, reading my book and listening to the soothing tones of ‘Andy’s dinosaur rap’… My current read is ‘Happiness’ by Matthieu Ricard. It was recommended to me […]

Green cleaning

Cleaning-it’s something we all have to do and most of us don’t enjoy it. Why not let nature help make this job a bit more bearable? Not only are natural cleaning products safer for our health, better for the environment, effective and less costly, they can also lift your mood, wake you up or create […]